New year, new blog.

2017 came and went, and so did this blog. Due to a combination of factors, I didn’t write at all publicly, online, in this past year. As the end of the year approached, I realized that I wanted to come back. It was time to move Bright Autumn Sun to its own domain name. The blog had resided on since I was literally a kid — and while I had some reservations — change is not always easy for me — it was time to move on. Let go. Allow. I’ve made some significant changes in the past year. 2018 is all about continuing on this path that I’ve created. I’m not about to stop now.

So, here we are. The site has been stripped down. Minimal. No more sponsored posts, no more extra. It’s just me. As it used to be. As it should be.

Big thanks to my husband Adrian for transferring all of my old blog posts over here and helping me get set up. Probably will be a bit of housekeeping over the next couple days.

Thanks for following along.

Welcome back to Bright Autumn Sun.


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