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Up and running

In my last post, I rambled about how much I missed the feeling of nailing a great shot, yet spoke about how I wasn’t ready to start a business again.

That day, I had a FANTASTIC photo session with my friend Raychel. It felt so good to be behind the camera again, see the light, and challenge myself to see differently once again… and well… you know where this is going…

It only took one photo shoot to make me realize that going back into photography was where I needed to be – what I needed to do.

Over the past few days, I’ve thought long and hard about what exactly I want to shoot and how I want to approach things. While I still plan to shoot some family portraits, I’m hoping to branch out with my photography and do something I REALLY enjoy – personal branding portrait sessions and headshots. I truly love that kind of work – and to me, this business is going to be all about doing things I love, where I can feel creative, happy, and fulfilled.

I’m SO excited about what’s to come!

Here’s one of my favorite images from my session with Raychel:

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