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Our big news is Blog Official – We’re moving!

As I blogged earlier this year, we were planning to move to North GA this summer. If we are Facebook friends, you likely already know this news, but if not, here it is! Well, sometimes things change! We are not going to be moving this summer. We are moving NEXT WEEK!!! My dream house presented itself and we had to act fast if we wanted to live there. I have never been more nervous waiting to see if we would get the house, but we did, and I am so grateful and excited to be moving in! It’s going to be an amazing place for my two boys to live and grow. I know we are going to be so happy there. We are also looking forward to living less than 10 minutes from my parents, once again.

Unfortunately, this leaves me with very little time to see all of my friends, visit my favorite places, and say goodbye in person to everyone I want to see, but we are very excited about living in this beautiful house!

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