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5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Busy Schedule

Valentine’s Day is an excuse for a fun time out with your significant other, but when you have kids, it’s not always easy, especially with the added expense of a babysitter. Not to mention, life is busy and sometimes other things fall on February 14th – this year, I happen to be photographing a wedding on Valentine’s Day, so by the time I get home, I am going to be beat and I’m sure I’ll just want to relax!

My husband and I decided to celebrate V-Day on a different day, so that we can take advantage of the fact that both of our kids are in school and enjoy some quality time together.  Here are 5 weekday dates to help make Valentine’s special even if you can’t celebrate it on Saturday, February 14th.

5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day on a Busy Schedule © Bright Autumn Sun

1. Matinée movie date- Not only do you often get a better price for a matinée, but the theater is usually empty! It’s like having the whole place to yourselves! Once you’re done with the movie, it’ll be just the right time for lunch, so if you have the time to spare, take off the rest of the morning and enjoy lunch together before heading back to work or home to pick up the kids. We just went to see Jupiter Ascending today in 3D, and we had a great time. I highly suggest choosing a high end theater like iPic in Boca Raton, FL or the Regal Avalon theater in Alpharetta, GA, to make it special!

Movie Date © Bright Autumn Sun Blog

2. Picnic at the Beach or Park- So, I think this is kind of a Florida-only activity considering the cold front going around the country right now, but on a day like today, you could definitely have a picnic at the beach or the park! Pack up all of your goodies (or get takeout if you’re in the middle of your workday and just have an hour for lunch) and meet at the park for a romantic and fun lunch together! If it’s too cold to eat outdoors, then go out to your favorite restaurant for lunch and enjoy the atmosphere!

Beach © Bright Autumn Sun Blog

3. Work Out Together – Nothing says love like a couple making the right healthy decision together! Take the morning off work and go join your beloved for a hike, walk, run, or just an hour at the gym having fun together!

Working Out together © Bright Autumn Sun Blog

Adrian and I after an Orangetheory Workout! Fun times!

4. Go to the zoo, a museum, or a theme park – Wait, aren’t these things we usually do with kids? Yes, but as we all know, sometimes we can feel a little rushed or stressed taking kids along how much fun is it to enjoy them without being stressed out about toting the kids along with you! Enjoy the fact that your little ones are at school and enjoy a day off, being a kid again with the one you love!

Fun Day at the Zoo © Bright Autumn Sun Blog

5. Mid-day coffee or ice cream – Work making you crazy this week and you can’t spare an hour or two for lunch? Take a shorter date just to get some alone time without the kids. How often do you get to sit down to enjoy a sweet treat or a hot cup of coffee with your husband or wife, without the kids asking a million questions or asking to play? A mid-day coffee date might be the perfect thing for you!

Coffee Date © Bright Autumn Sun Blog

Which ever one you choose, it’s always great to get some time alone together without having to think about work or all the craziness of life. No matter when you get the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a great one!

10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Busy Schedule

  1. Great suggestions, but still hard with the kids! We can’t always find a sitter (or one that will watch all three kids, sadly). I wish I could do these, because they’re great suggestions.

  2. Good reminders! Our 2nd child was born at 32 weeks on Feb 13th, so Valentines was/has been more focused on her birthday. She’s grown now so I need to remember valentines day.

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