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Parent’s Choice Diapers at Walmart are also my Baby’s Choice!

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Parents Choice Diapers at Walmart

As a mom, there are about a million things that run through your head when you first have a baby. One of the biggest issues for me was the diapers. I worried about a ton of “what if’s” — What if the diapers are scratchy and cause my baby to get a rash? What if they leak all over the place? What if, what if, what if? Putting your baby’s precious little tush in a comfortable diaper is a top concern for many moms, and some of us go through what feels like every brand trying to find the best one.

Having had two children, I can tell you that I’ve tried several brands of diapers myself. I’m happy to save you the stress of having to try them all out by reporting that Walmart’s exclusive brand, Parent’s Choice diapers, are a new favorite in both comfort AND savings! When I was invited by #CollectiveBias to do a post about Parent’s Choice, I was thrilled to be involved and share not only how much my little William enjoyed wearing his Parent’s Choice diapers, but how #BabyDiapersSavings affects my life by using Parent’s Choice compared to one of the other leading brands.

We purchased our Parent’s Choice Diapers at the Super Walmart in Cumming, GA. This is a brand new flagship store in the area right near my parents’ new house! It is a beautiful store. Everything is clean, orderly, and easy to find. They have diapers in all different sizes to fit every baby, and they carry both regular and overnight sized diapers!

Parents Choice Diapers at Walmart

Parents Choice Diapers at Walmart

Since my child goes through tons of diapers both at home and at pre-school, I’m constantly doing double-duty (ha, ha, see what I did there?) by purchasing two times the amount of diapers that I normally use. This cost adds up sooo quickly! I can easily go through several LARGE packages of diapers per month. Not to mention, we use the overnight diapers at night, another costly expense. Oh, and my son wears a Size 6 diaper. Did you know that baby diapers cost more as the baby gets bigger? They do. Another thing you don’t know when you first have kids!

Let’s do the math! For this comparison, I used the pricing for regular diapers, not overnights.

  • A package of 60 size 6 Parent’s Choice Diapers at Walmart costs $13.97. That’s only $0.23 per diaper.
  • An “economy package” of a competitor’s brand of 76 diapers on a discount website costs $38.94, which is a whopping $0.51 per diaper.

I estimate that we use at least six diapers per day (if not more). That’s a minimum of 3 packages of Parent’s Choice, or about two packages of the competitor’s brand.

  • Parent’s Choice cost for 3 regular size packages (180 diapers) = $41.97
  • Competitor’s cost for 2 large packages (152 diapers) = $77.88

There you have it. Switching to Parent’s Choice is a no-brainer. With the competitor you get less diapers, for nearly double the price. That’s a savings of a minimum of $35.91 per month or an astounding $430.92 per year!!! That is worthy of an O-M-G!!!

So before I go on to tell you some of the things you can do with this type of savings, let me share some adorable pictures of William enjoying his diapers!

Parents Choice Diapers at Walmart

As you can see from the first picture, when I told him to show me his diaper, he was delighted to get up and show off his cute tush! As far as the diapers go, they are made of a very soft and absorbent material. The pattern on them has polka dots and a cute little teddy bear illustration, which makes them perfect for both boys and girls. Additionally, they don’t leave any random indentations on my child’s skin and they are comfortable no matter how he plays… from sitting with a toy or running around the house – he is wrapped in comfort. I am also extremely pleased that these diapers don’t leak. They advertise 12 hour coverage, and while I do use an overnight diaper at night time, I use a normal diaper for naps, and I can tell you that we haven’t had a leaky nap time diaper yet. They hold up really well. I’m thrilled to know that I will be saving over $400 per year by using Parent’s Choice Diapers!

What can you do with an extra $430? Here are a few things that I would do:

  • Road trip to visit family. The money will pay for gas, meals, and admission to a few fun outings.
  • Take a 2 day trip to one of the major Orlando theme parks. $430 covers 2 tickets plus meals.
  • Get my car fixed – I have a repair that needs to be done this week that is going to cost $375. Thank goodness I am using Parent’s Choice!
  • Buy enough books on my e-reader to last me for two years!
  • Put the money in savings or invest in the stock market.
  • Donate to a favorite charity.

Want to get some of your own Parent’s Choice diapers? Head on over to Walmart! I have a coupon for you, too!

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