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Recap: William’s 2nd Birthday

Summer is such a busy time  – between William’s birthday, my birthday, several weeks of traveling… well, it’s easy to get behind! Just wanted to do a quick recap of William’s birthday. Things were pretty busy, and between seeing all of our family and friends throughout the month, we pretty much celebrated during the entire month of June! For his actual birthday, I wanted something low-key, so we just had a little cupcake party with the 4 of us. I picked up cupcakes from Publix – super yummy!

William is serious about his cupcakes. I love how totally focused he is!

I have a lot more photos of William with the cupcake, but they are pretty much all (messier) variations of this one. 🙂

Of course, Zachary did the same thing with his cupcake and went right into it, so before I knew it, I had two adorable little frosting-covered boys! I had to take a quick family selfie with our two happy cuties.

#pictapgo_app #cupcake #fun! Happy 2nd Birthday, William!!! We love you so much! #birthday #happybirthday

I can’t believe my little guy is already two – but I love watching him grow so much. He’s hit a lot of milestones recently – he has started to count, he’s learning letter sounds, he knows every single body part and can say the names of many of them, he can say more animal noises than I can remember (thank you to the book, Moo Baa La La La and the I Hear Ewe iPad game!), and he is just the cutest and sweetest little toddler I know! He recently said “I love you” for the first time just a day or two after my birthday, which was a little over a week ago – what a wonderful gift. He keeps us on our toes at ALL times – but we all love him. Can’t wait to see what fun is in his future!


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  1. Sooo handsome!!! I can’t believe how old both of the littles are already!! They are both so sweet and lovable! They are lucky to have such wonderful parents to celebrate with. XO

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