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Book Review: Frozen: An Amazing Snowman

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My kids and I loved this fun new Frozen-themed book about Olaf the¬†Snowman. The book goes into detail about all of the reasons why Olaf is special, the most amazing reason being because he is a dreamer and has the same wishes and dreams that most of us have as children. The book ends with Olaf’s favorite thing… a nice, warm hug!

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and charming. They remind me of traditional Norse artwork. There’s one portrait in particular of Elsa that I could envision as a huge, beautiful wall poster. The book is well worth it for the lovely artwork in addition to the charming Olaf story!

The book is great for both boys and girls, and Olaf is such a sweet character that you can’t help but adore him!

If you & your kids love Frozen, you’ll definitely enjoy this adorable book.

Disclosure: This book was provided complimentary by Disney Worldwide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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