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Maya’s Haircut

We decided to send Maya to the groomers to get her hair cut. She has not been feeling well lately and was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease. She has been responding well to the medication, but really needed some pampering. We got her a close haircut… and it may be a coincidence, but she has seemed noticeably happier lately. It is so nice to see her acting more like herself again.

She turns 11 year old this year. Having an aging dog is tough, but it is a reward to see the look in her eyes of how much she loves us.

Here are some cute photos of Maya after we picked her up from her grooming appointment.

Maya after a visit to the groomers... She looks like a short haired #dachshund now! #pictapgo_app #doxie #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #petstagram

Maya after a visit to the groomers... She looks like a short haired #dachshund now! #pictapgo_app #doxie #dog #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #petstagram

It is still funny to see her shaved since we are used to a fluffball, but this is so much easier for all of us and keeps her much cleaner too! Her fur feels like velvet now. 🙂 We plan to have her hair cut on a regular basis after seeing how beneficial this is for her and us.

We used the groomers over at our nearby PetSmart and were very happy with the service. The groomer was very warm, they explained everything very well, the prices were extremely reasonable, and they offered the ability to schedule an early appointment at 7AM and pick the dog up later in the day if needed. Our dog returned home in a very happy mood, and I felt comfortable leaving her for the day. I wasn’t paid for this review, by the way, just a happy customer!

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