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Another Crazy South Florida Lizard Spotting: Two in One Day!

As you guys know, I love my local lizard spottings! I know I just posted a lizard pic this month already, but while I was outside playing with the kids yesterday in our Florida room, I was lucky enough to see two in the span of five minutes!

By the way, all I had with me was my iPhone, so all of these are phone pics from my iPhone 5s, edited with the app “Pic Tap Go” – love it!

First, this big guy was scampering up the door to the outside of the Florida room. He paused right on the top part of the doorframe, and then he posed for me. What a face!

#lizard in my Florida room. He was a big guy. #pictapgo_app

I got a few shots off, and then he ran away!

The kids love playing with a green wagon that we have out there, and when William went to get in the wagon, we were surprised to see a lizard just chilling in there! He (she??) was very calm, and also posed for me. I was able to take several photos of him, and the kids really enjoyed looking at him and seeing the way he moved and hopped around.

So excited I saw another #lizard right after seeing the last little guy. This one really posed for us. I got several shots. He is in my kids' wagon. #pictapgo_app

The boys enjoyed getting a good look at the #lizard in the wagon. #pictapgo_app


Zachary wanted to touch his tail, but the lizard ran away as soon as his finger touched the end of the tail! It was fun taking photos of both of these little guys though, and the kids absolutely loved the experience! We sure do love our lizards!

Looking forward to our next Crazy Lizard Spotting!!

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