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William’s First Day of Nursery School

Yesterday was William’s First Day of Nursery School, at the same preschool where Zachary has attended nursery school for the past several years and is now in the Pre-Kindergarten class!

He will be going two half-days per week!

I didn’t originally plan for him to start until he was a little bit older, but when I spent some time in Zachary’s classroom two weeks ago for his birthday, the school director allowed me to put William in the 1-year-old class so that I could focus on Zachary and enjoy reading to his class without worrying about what William would be doing during that time. I was a little worried as he’s never been in a school type situation before, but to my surprise, he let go of my hand and took off running towards the toys and didn’t look back! He had a great time. I put him in for an hour or two, for a few more days, over the past 2 weeks to see how he did, and it was the same each time. He loved it!

Yesterday was his first official day, and he was very happy and excited! His teachers said that he had a great day playing with the other children. I’m so thrilled for him to enjoy this new experience!

Here are some photos I took outside, right before we got in the car:

First Day of Nursery School | © Bright Autumn Sun

First Day of Nursery School | © Bright Autumn Sun

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