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#JustDance2014 by Ubisoft Video Game Review #cgc

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been working out since the end of May. I started dieting back in July 2012, after my little one, William, was born, but the weight loss was slow going. I was okay with that for the time being. After all, the weight wasn’t gained overnight, and I didn’t expect to lose it overnight either. Cardio Dance has become a part of my workout, so when the opportunity arose to try Just Dance 2014, a new game from Ubisoft, I jumped at the chance! The game is available on various platforms, like Wii, PS3, and Xbox360 (which is what I have).

Just Dance 2014 is awesome! I love the variety of songs, the ability to create playlists of your favorites, and that you can select different lengths to play which is great, since sometimes I have 40 minutes for a full workout and other days I can only fit in 20 minutes.

There are various game modes to play, like the classic dance mode (free dance), the on-stage mode (where your friends are your backup dancers), the workout/sweat mode (great for burning calories), and an awesome world dance mode (you dance along with everyone who is playing online and dancing, too).

While this game isn’t going to teach you how to become a better dancer, you’re definitely going to “JUST DANCE”, and you’re going to have fun doing it. The colors are garishly bright, neon, and crazy, and costumes are hysterical! How would you like to follow a dance routine to a giant panda bear suit or dancers dressed up as fruit, or whatever we’re looking at in the image below? LOL!! Too funny, especially if you’re playing with a group.

Just Dance 2014 Review

As far as exercise goes, dancing is a fun way to burn calories, and the time just flies by! The dance routines are pretty funny, and with over 40 songs in the game pack, you won’t ever get bored with your play list. The game sports the sounds of today’s hottest artists, such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, One Direction, and Daddy Yankee, as well as music that’s just hilarious and fun, like Daft Punk, YCMA, Flashdance, and Prince Ali from Disney’s Aladdin. While I promise you my musical tastes are a bit more sophisticated and I would never actually buy 90% of these songs to listen to on my iPod, I certainly loved dancing to them!!

Just Dance 2014 Review

Over the past month, I’ve been adding Just Dance 2014 to my workout schedule each week. Through exercise and healthy eating, I’ve lost 5lb over the past 4 weeks, bringing me to a total loss of 34lb! While I’m very happy with the way I look now, I’m definitely not confident enough to post a pic of myself dancing to this videogame, so the happy pic of me post-workout will have to suffice! 🙂

Just Dance 2014 is so much fun to play and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to burn off a few pounds in a fun way, move their body, or play a great party game with friends. Just Dance 2014 is available from many retailers including and Gamestop, and would make a fantastic gift as well as fun family activity this holiday season!

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