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Date Night at Tanzy

A few days ago, my parents took both of the boys overnight, and Adrian and I had a much needed date night!

I’d really wanted to see the new Thor movie since the day it was announced, so we decided to head up to Mizner Park and see the movie at our favorite theater, iPic, and have dinner afterwards at the restaurant that is attached to the theater, Tanzy, which proclaims to be “artisanal Italian.”

Thor: The Dark World was pretty awesome — definitely as good as the first — and dinner was fantastic! Adrian and I had a great time and it was so good to have a night out without having to rush to pick the boys up. We have been out a few times alone since William was born, but this was the first time that he stayed overnight at his grandparents’ house, so we really enjoyed the evening and subsequently enjoyed a full night of sleep without having to wake up for anyone! LOL.

Here are  a few photos from dinner:

Date night with my hubby :) #tanzy #mizner #miznerpark @miznerpark

Date night! Thor 2 in 3D at iPic followed by dinner at Tanzy!


Stag’s Leap Wine!! If you’ve ever watched Bottle Shock (or, well, if you just know good wine), you’ll know of this winemaker 🙂

Last night's #wine selection. #StagsLeap #HandsofTime - so good!

I had duck with candied fig, melon, and a risotto cake (that’s what’s under the greens). Adrian had scallops with garlic mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Mmmm.

Dinner at Tanzy

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