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Sunday Prettiness {dragonfly on a branch}

Sorry blog readers. I have been overwhelmingly busy for the past week and a half. So busy, that I have completely neglected my poor blog. I took some photos the other day on my iPhone that I really love and have been wanting to share, so I thought I would post these to brighten your Sunday morning.

The other day, I went to take the garbage out. Boring, I know. We had some random tree branches that had fallen in the yard, and as I brought the garbage can outside, I stopped to pick them up and stuff them inside the can. One of the branches had several dragonflies hanging out on it. When I picked it up, they all flew away, except for one. He wouldn’t leave!

Naturally, I did what any good photographer would do – I whipped out my iPhone and started taking pictures of it 😉 I am really amazed at how beautiful these photos came out, and how much detail you can see, especially shooting with the iPhone 4s. The photos were edited with my favorite editing app, Pic Tap Go.

#dragonfly on a branch #iphoneonly #yesthisisaniphoneshot #focus #insects #igersftl #southflorida #pictapgo_app

#dragonfly on a branch #iphoneonly #yesthisisaniphoneshot #focus #insects #igersftl #southflorida #pictapgo_app

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