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Wordless Wednesday: Another Awesome South Florida Lizard

As you guys know, I really love all the amazing lizards we have here in South Florida. They are fast little dudes and awfully hard to capture on film unless you have a telephoto lens and can stand far away while shooting, but I’ve been lucky enough to get some good shots!

Adrian spotted this guy on one of our plants the other day. I had my macro lens already mounted to my camera, so I was able to carefully step outside and snag a few frames before he ran away! What a beautiful lizard! I just love his vibrant green color and white stripes.

Green and White Striped South Florida Lizard | © SIREN.ORG

Green and White Striped South Florida Lizard | © SIREN.ORG

Canon 5D Mark III – 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens – 1/200sec at f/4.0 – ISO 160

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Another Awesome South Florida Lizard

  1. I love our lizards in Florida too! Very nice photos. It looks like an Anole, but I’m wondering if it’s a Cuban Knight Anole or some other variety of Knight Anole. The white stripes on the sides are throwing me. I haven’t seen this variety before, but then I’m in N. Florida, so they may not have come up this far yet.

    I once spotted a King Anole when I was eating lunch beside a tree. That lizard was HUGE! I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first, because it just looked like one of the common green Anoles, but so much larger. I wish I had had a camera at the time.

    1. Lee, I’ll definitely have to look up those types of lizards! I love spotting all of the different kinds of lizards around here, but don’t know much about them! I love seeing the giant ones, too 🙂

  2. I just saw one today! Threw me off too! I’m born and raised here in South Florida. Been an outdoors person all my life and never seen one before. But I do know there is a similar lizard called “green chested lizard.” An non-natural species, most likely someones pet that was let go or got out. But the green chested looks a tiny bit different. The one in the photo is the same as the one I saw. Maybe a bit of cross breeding with a green anole??

    I’d like to know.

  3. I saw one today! So glad that you posted a photo. I was looking all over the internet trying to find out what it was. Looked just like that one! I live in South Florida also, in Plantation.

    I had a really unusual experience when I came across it! I was walking down the sidewalk outside my house and looked down and saw it sitting right in front of me. I bent down and started snapping pictures with my iphone. I got closer expecting him to run, but he just sat there. I was concerned that he might be hurt so I reached down and touched him. He still didn’t move! He then turned his eyes up to look me over. I put both fingers around his belly and he still didn’t move. I then attempted to lift him up and then he finally ran a few steps into the grass. I tried picking him up again but he ran. I’m thinking that he must have been a pet or maybe this breed is just really friendly?

    1. Sarah: How cool! They certainly are gorgeous little creatures. I love how friendly some of the lizards can be. I really enjoy getting close to them and photographing them.

  4. I just caught that exact lizard. And it looks like a Cuban Knight Anole. But the Cuban does not appear to have stripes. Unless maybe when they are Juveniles. Did you ever find out what kind of Lizard that was.

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