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Book Review: Broken Elements by Mia Marshall

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This is one of the best mysteries that I’ve read in a while. Combine it with the paranormal aspect and you have a real winner!

The story revolves around Aidan Brook, a member of the ancient “Elemental” race, who can, as you might have guessed, control the elements. Aidan and her former best friend Sera reunite after 10 years when Sera comes to Aidan’s home to enlist her from her seclusion in the Pacific Northwest, so that she can help solve some very unique murders. These murders happened before, are part of the reason for Aidan’s desire to live in exile, and are happening again — and seem to be very much tied to the Elementals. Sera and Aidan thought that the murders had ended 10 years ago, but now their friends are being killed, and they need to find out why.

I found Aidan to be a really relatable character and loved the way the plot and dialogue moved along. The story was really very riveting. Not only was I completely shocked at “whodunit” but there was a twist involving Aidan and her past that I could never have expected!

If you like paranormal novels with a bit of romance and a lot of mystery, this book is for you. Mia Marshall is an excellent writer – whatever she writes, I will most certainly read!

Thanks to Netgalley for sending me a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.

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