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Wordless Wednesday: Dreary Sky

I have about a million things to blog, but have been super duper crazy busy lately (as Zachary would say). The boys have been keeping me on my toes, but I promise I’m going to have some good stuff for you later this week, including a GIVEAWAY! YAY. And more photo posts, once I have a few minutes to export the images and organize them.

ok, so my WW post for this week is a picture of a dreary, cloudy sky, about to drop a huge downpour… since we’ve had a bit of rain lately, I thought it was a fitting image. There’s nothing in the world like a Florida rainstorm!

#latergram yesterday's crazy #storm #clouds! #sky

I hate doing instagrams for WW, but I haven’t been shooting much personal stuff lately. 🙁 I need to really make an effort to get my camera out more often. I hate knowing that I am missing moments in my own life that I should be capturing.

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