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Geeky Friday: The Dinosaur Files

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week. 🙁 That’s what happens when your ENTIRE FAMILY gets REALLY SICK. I have, however, been instagramming a bit. Make sure you follow me at @karenlisa if you aren’t already!

I decided to do another edition of “Geeky Friday” since I really enjoyed last week’s post. Zachary, Adrian, and I have been really into the iPad/iPhone game, Jurassic Park Builder. We’ve always loved dinosaurs, but the game has really expanded on that, and we’ve been spending a lot of time learning about all of the different types of dinosaurs and what they eat (herbivore vs. carnivore — or as Zachary says, leaves or bacon, LOL).

Zachary has been playing a lot with his dino toys, and this week, I’ve noticed that he has left some of them in strange positions around the house. I decided to photograph them wherever he left them. Here’s the result of my little experiment:

The #Parasaurolophus sure is a messy eater! #dinosaurs

The Parasaurolophus sure is a messy eater!

Just hanging out in the pantry, #parasaurolophus? #dinosaurs #toys

Just hanging out in the pantry!

The #parasaurolophus family chillin' on the couch. #dinosaurs #toys

The Parasaurolophus family is chillin’ on the couch.

#parasaurolophus is keeping an eye on the baby monitor. #dinosaurs #toys

Parasaurolophus is keeping an eye on the baby monitor.

FilmNoir-asaurus? #parasaurolophus is lookin' good in dramatic lighting! #dinosaurs #toys

FilmNoir-asaurus? Parasaurolophus is looking good in dramatic lighting!

#Velociraptor makes a appearance! Don't all #dinosaurs ride monster trucks?? #toys

Velociraptor makes an appearance! Don’t all dinosaurs ride monster truck toys?

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