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Jet Runway Café: How We Spent New Year’s Eve

I know, this post is a few weeks behind. Pardon the dust. 😉

So…we NEVER go out on New Year’s Eve! Ever! We are homebodies and like to stay home and hang out together. We felt like getting out and doing something, though, and realized we hadn’t visited Jet Runway Café, one of our favorite local spots, in a while. We decided it would be a fun place to take the kids for a little NYE lunch.

Delicious. We had a great lunch today. #igersftl #executiveairport #airport #airplanes

Jet Runway Café is located at the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. We first discovered it because Adrian’s office used to be right across the street, so he and his business partner used to go together.

Zachary stared out the window during our entire lunch! Here are a few of the sights you can see from your seat while you eat… kids LOVE this place, and it’s easy to see why!

Our view from Jet Runway Cafe

Jet Runway views....


My awesome sandwich, the Picnic Basket (pulled pork with crispy onions and mac n’ cheese):

Pulled Pork with crispy onions and Mac & Cheese! Yes, it tasted as delicious as it sounds. Mmm!

The jets do get quite loud, which Baby William discovered as we were on our way out!

Baby Will, like my iPhone's focus, was caught off guard by a jet blast.

If you’re looking for a great lunch spot in South Florida, Jet Runway Café is a fun place to check out with your family. As a disclaimer, I received no compensation for writing this blog post – I simply enjoy the food and the atmosphere! 😉

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