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OMG. I feel like I haven’t done a real blog post in weeks… and I’m probably right. I can’t believe that tonight is already the first night of Hanukkah! Whoa!!!

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving — food was off the charts as usual with my mom and dad cooking all the food, and my boys both loved visiting with my parents and my grandmother. I usually take December off, but the past week has been busy — I shot a wedding and two portrait sessions! I am buried over my head in editing now, but that’s life! The past few weeks have been full of lots of “firsts” for William, and of course Zachary turned 4 and has been acting more grown up every day. The kids are both so fun to be around and are really the lights of our lives!

A few weeks ago, William started to “tripod” when you sat him up for a few seconds! He is really improving at this skill every time he tries.

Five months! Little cutie is practicing his new skill, sitting up, before bed!

Here’s Zachary the night before he turned 4 years old. I seriously can’t believe I have a 4 year old now!

Last night of being a three year old. Wow.

Another “first” for William — sitting in the shopping cart! He went with me to Publix on Zachary’s birthday to pick out a birthday cupcake. He loved sitting in the cart!

Baby William went to Publix with me to pick up Zachary's birthday dinner. It was his first time sitting in the cart and he loved it!

For a Thanksgiving morning treat, I made this baked French toast dish that I found on Pinterest… holy cow was it amazing! Something you can really only eat once a year for sure, but it was so good!

Baked French Toast for Thanksgiving #breakfast. Holy Amazingness!!!!

On Thanksgiving Day, I decided to feed William his first solid food — baby oatmeal! Zachary was given the honor of being allowed to feed his little brother some of his first bites. So cute! William enjoyed it and is now eating oatmeal like a little champ!

My 4 year old feeding my 5 month old his first ever food! #myheartismelting

My dad carving the Thanksgiving turkey! Yum!

My dad carved the turkey. Yum! #thanksgiving

We had our family pictures taken by my good friend Laurel Serra at Mizner Park in Boca Raton! Can’t wait to share them on here. I took a little behind the scenes shot during our photo shoot!

Behind the scenes at our family portraits with Laurel Serra! At @miznerpark

Me and Laurel after our shoot:

Me & Laurel! Laurel photographed out family tonight in @miznerpark - she rocks!!

While I was eating lunch, I let William try a little bit of my avocado mashed up… he was not a fan, but his face is soooo cute!

Trying avocado for the first time! Not sure if he liked it! Lol!

Even though Zachary is moving in the photo, I still love this image of him and Maya. BFFs for life!

Maya & Zachary: BFFs :) #dogstagram #dachshund #igersftl

This is the beach outside my client’s hotel suite at the Ritz Carlton at the wedding I photographed last week. Wish I could stay here every weekend! LOL!

Sunset on Palm Beach.

Adrian and I had to run some errands up in West Palm Beach last week and we took little William with us. He enjoyed walking with us by the water and “flying” with Daddy.

William loves being flown around by Daddy @explorerziem - enjoying quality time on a beautiful day in Palm Beach!

Zachary looked so adorable before school the other day wearing a cute shirt that his Aunt Amy got for him – I could not resist snapping a quick shot before he got in the car.

Z looks good in yellow! Thank you Aunt Amy for the awesome shirt! :) @azachofsky

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