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Last week was kind of crazy!

Over the weekend, I second shot a wedding with my buddy Mike from Michael James Photography. It was nice since the wedding was right in my hometown, meaning I wasn’t too far away from my kiddos. I love second shooting and I had such a fun time with Mike. Here are a few images I took that day…

I was stopped behind the bride & groom’s car on the way to the location for portraits:

Just Married! Shooting a wedding today. :)

Here’s Mike, being awesome:

My buddy Mike James shooting the bridal party from up on a wall at yesterday's wedding! Crazy!

As I left the venue, I couldn’t help capturing the gorgeous sunset and palm trees:

Sunset over Heron Bay

Zachary caught a cold over the weekend and ended up staying home with me and Baby Will all week! Monday was kind of a crazy day. I had a doctor’s appointment of my own and then I had to take Zachary to the doctor! What a busy day. I looked up into the sky and took a moment to enjoy the beautiful puffy clouds above me and attempt to relax for just a moment.

In the midst of a crazy day, I made sure to stop and take notice of these beautiful puffy clouds.

We’ve had a lot of lizards around lately. Since South Florida is having a bit of a cold front (yes, 70 degrees is cold here), I imagine they are all coming inside to escape from the cold! This little guy hung out in my bathroom for a few hours last week:

Baby lizard spied on me in the shower yesterday. I named him Lizarnardo. What a creeper!

I voted on Tuesday. Thanks to my mom and dad for coming over to watch the kids so I could go wait in line.


Zachary loves playing with his doctor’s kit (thank you Tamara for the awesome gift!) and one of the items in the kit are these funny glasses. We thought it would be cute to put them on the baby and take a picture. It was very cute!

Playing with Zachary and his doctor kit!

On Friday afternoon, I had errands to run. I’d promised Zachary a cake pop for being so patient, so I drove down to the drive-thru Starbucks. While we were sitting in line, he fell asleep! I got myself a Nonfat Pumpkin Spice Chai and rounded out my week by watching the sun set behind the Starbucks in peace and quiet while both of my kids napped in the backseat. Heaven!

Thoroughly enjoying myself with some Pumpkin Spice while both of my children nap in the backseat!

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