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Last week was a great week! Zachary was so excited for Halloween. Not to mention we experienced a WONDERFUL cold front! It was amazing because all of the previous Halloweens we’ve had with Zachary were either miserably hot or raining. What a pleasure to go trick or treating (or do anything, really) in cool, crisp air!

I totally took advantage of the cool weather with a hat and scarf – even though I didn’t really need them. 🙂

Thoroughly enjoying South Florida's #coldfront ;)

I’m sure some of you will laugh at this weather forecast from last Monday – but to a South Floridian, it’s heaven!

Yaaaay! First #coldfront of the year for #southflorida!!

My best friend, Amy, picked up some of this Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice chai for me while out of town recently on a business trip. We don’t have TJ’s here so it’s a big deal! 😉

Thank goodness for #bestfriends! @azachofsky <3 #pumpkinspice #traderjoes #chai

I got Zachary a great jacket and he was so excited to wear it! He looked so adorable going to school in his cold-weather clothes.

Adorable Zachary this morning before @explorerziem took him to school- wearing his new jacket that I scored on sale! Yay!

Halloween! You already saw the real pictures I posted the other day, of course, but I couldn’t miss an Instagram shot too!

My two #pirates! Happy #Halloween! #halloween2012

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