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Snapshots from a happy life

I am a few days late posting this, but it’s been busy! We had some fun moments last week. And I got to second shoot a wedding for a friend over the weekend, which was a lot of fun. Though, there’s always a reason why I only shoot 1 wedding per weekend – they leave me feeling super tired for the rest of the weekend! Hence the lack of posts!

William is just a few days away from his 4 month birthday and every day with him brings more and more joy into our lives. I can’t believe how different it is with 2 boys. Zachary is growing up – he will be 4 years old next month! – and is even cuter and sweeter with every passing day. He’s at an age where he loves doing things with us and loves many of the same activities and hobbies we like, so life with Zachary is incredibly fun and having conversations with him is very entertaining and adorable. William might just be the easiest and most laid back baby I have ever seen. I know I say this every time I write about him, but it’s true – he is very calm, easy to take places, and his smile is like a ray of sunshine! Of course, like all kids, they still try my patience many times, but I feel very blessed to have two kids that are both just SO GOOD nearly ALL the time.

I still can’t believe I got so lucky with both of them, and the thought crosses my mind at least once a day. Not only are they both great kids, but they love each other. Even though Will is still a tiny baby, I can tell that he truly adores his big brother, and Zachary loves William, too. I love capturing moments between them. Yesterday morning before he left for school, Zachary held Will’s hand and told him he loved him very much and he would miss him while he was at school. It was so sweet!

I like to think that all of the grandparents and uncles that our children are named after are looking down at them from heaven, watching over them, and passing on their best traits.

William seriously adores his big brother Zachary! #brothers #kids

This was my favorite moment of the week that I captured with my iPhone. Will and Z playing together while Will practiced his tummy time.

#blue #swirl #sky

We’ve had a big mix of weather lately. It can go from rain to sun in a matter of minutes! One thing I always love about South FL is the beautiful cloud formations. I particularly loved this swirly looking cloud.

Watching #nasatv #geekingout #dragon

Adrian, Zachary, and I watched the launch of SpaceX Dragon Capsule live on NASA TV over my computer. It was super cool! I love watching these historical moments in science with my family.

OPI DS Classic with some Rainbow Honey on the accent #nails.

A new fave nail polish combo — OPI’s DS Classic with Rainbow Honey’s A Little Kindness on the accent nails. I liked this combo a lot and wore it for almost the whole week!

My cutie before school. He's really growing up.

I had Zachary smile for a quick picture before he got out of the car at school. He is enjoying school a lot now. I love seeing him happy to go to his class every day!

2 thoughts on “Snapshots from a happy life

  1. How do you get nail polish to stay on your nails?! I must be really hard on my hands because man, it’s all chipping off and crazy stuff within 24 hours. And I’m not using crappy nail polish 😉

    1. I always use a base coat (I like Essie’s protein base) and I use Seche Vite as a topcoat. My polish typically starts chipping within about 3 days or so. I am kind of rough on my hands too. Sometimes it chips sooner, but usually it lasts around 3 days. I do tend to get “tip wear” after a day unfortunately. I have not been able to figure out how to stop that from happening.

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