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We’ve had a pretty good week. Will has been growing by leaps and bounds this week. He wants to talk to us so badly! He is babbling like crazy and I feel like any day he is going to whip out a “mama” or “dada” even though he’s not even 4 months yet!  He’s also getting much stronger and exercising his muscles and can push himself all the way up. This is great, but his curiosity is definitely affecting his willingness to go to bed at night. He loves looking over to see what Zachary is doing. He is also very interested in food and watches us intently while we have dinner. After he hits 4 months, I plan on letting him have little tastes of mashed up avocado or banana. It’ll be interesting to see what he likes! As for Zachary, he is a bundle of happiness these days. He sings all the time and makes up crazy stories. He loves playing with his toys and his baby brother, and he is so creative. Both boys are just so adorable!

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to:

I made a stew in the #crockpot.

A stew I made in the crock pot! Chicken, olives, artichokes, spinach, rotel, and white beans. It was fabulous!

Location scouting with mommy! #beach #deerfieldbeach

Last weekend my best friend Amy accompanied me as we went location scouting for a photo shoot I had on Monday. Zachary insisted on having a picture taken at the beach.

#rain #bokeh on my car window - last night

Sitting in my driveway after the photo shoot, it had been pouring. I liked the way the rain made a bokeh pattern on my car window, so I took this picture before I got out of the car.

OPI Danke-shiny Red. Seriously in love with this #nailpolish

OPI’s Danke-Shiny Red, from their Fall “Germany” collection. Wearing red nail polish makes me so happy I grew my nails out. 🙂

My happy baby!

This is what William looks like almost all the time. Happiest baby ever.

My budding #musician! #piano #music #kids

Zachary, my budding musician!

@savidgephoto & I, post-wedding! We are shvitzing!

Jess and I shot a morning wedding on Thursday. We had fun, as always, but boy was it hot!

Beautiful morning at the Harbor Beach Marriott!

Harbor Beach Marriott, the location for the wedding. I love shooting on this little deck.

Watching his big brother from his crib.

Pushing all the way up. Will’s new trick.

My #fridaynight :)

After the kids went to bed, this was my Friday night. 🙂

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