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It’s been a pretty good week. I’ve been cooking some good food, the kids have been enjoying time spent at home (Zachary was off for the Jewish Holidays) and good TV is back on! Yay Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, and more! Will went to the pediatrician for his 3 month checkup and is off the charts in growth, taking after his big brother. Best of all, it’s officially Autumn, meaning I can have as much pumpkin stuff as I want and no one will blink an eye at me. 🙂


Oh yeahhhh. It’s pumpkin season. And the Fresh Market has the BEST PUMPKIN COFFEE… hands down!

I bought this a few months ago and I'm finally opening it up... Exciting! #foodprocessor #cooking #cuisinart #cleverist

FOOD PROCESSOR! I ordered this a few months ago and finally set it up! Stoked to start using it to make delicious meals!

Last night's midnight snack... #vermont #cheddar and #apples

Apples and Alehouse Cheddar from the Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company… seriously the best cheese everrrrr.

It's a grey #morning today. Thinking it will probably rain.

Grey rain clouds. We get a lot of this here in South Florida.

Liking this shade of #nailpolish much more than I thought I would. #essie Bootleg.

My mom gave me this Essie shade – Bootleg. I usually don’t wear nude colors but I really love this one.

William says good morning! He is so delicious! I'm loving this sweet stage at 3 months.

This is what Will looks like every morning when he wakes up. I am seriously the luckiest mommy to have such a happy baby.

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