National Parks Transit Authority

This is our first summer in a while that we haven’t taken a trip somewhere. Of course, with welcoming a new baby, it’s for a great reason, but I still miss vacationing and think about our next trip every second I get!

A friend of mine shared this fun National Parks Transit Authority subway map with me on Facebook and I had to go searching for it via Google. It was designed for the Sierra Club, and you can see the original source page here.

Adrian and I have made it a mission to explore as many of our country’s national parks as we possibly can, especially now with the kids, and so far we’ve been to a few of them. The ones we’ve traveled to already are: Glacier Bay, Mount Rainier, Grand Canyon, Zion, Great Smoky Mountains, and I’ve also been to Everglades, though Adrian hasn’t had his trip to the Glades yet- something that must be remedied! I’m sure I’ve also been to Biscayne at some point in my life (school field trip maybe), since it’s just right around the corner. One day, I would love to say I’ve been to ALL of our amazing National Parks. The United States has so much to offer!

Which parks have you been to? Which ones are you looking forward to visiting someday?

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