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Hunkering down for Tropical Storm Isaac!

Tropical Storm Isaac is here, and we are “hunkering down” at home watching Disney Jr, relaxing, and looking out the window at the sideways rain! Schools were canceled today in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, which means Zachary’s preschool was canceled too, since they go by the county schedule.

Seeing as it’s just a Tropical Storm, it’s pretty much a big wind and rain event (a little bit crazier than what we normally get on a daily basis here in South FL). That means the drainage systems get clogged up faster, causing flooding, and we get wind gusts up to about 60 MPH. We are getting a pretty bad squall right now with some crazy sideways rain! We normally get bad rainstorms every day, but this is bad enough that it’s unsafe for kids to be going to school, and people really shouldn’t be out on the roads — though most businesses tend to stay open here unless there is a Hurricane Warning (the mall, for example, is open right now. Crazy people apparently like to go shopping in the rain).

Here is the view of my front yard during one of the calmer looking squalls from one of TS Isaac’s feeder bands:

#TSIsaac from my front yard. Sideways #rain. #sunsentinel #igersftl #igers #southflorida #tropicalstorm #isaac #florida #storm

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are just a typical part of life in South Florida. We’ve been pretty lucky the past few years with a hurricane-free streak. While I did live through Andrew 20 years ago, my family was lucky and lived north of where the worst damage occurred. The worst Hurricane we experienced as far as personal damage was Hurricane Wilma, a Category 3 storm, on October 24, 2005.

Wilma was one of the worst hurricanes to hit South Florida during my adult life. In that storm, we lost a tree on the side of our house (thankfully we didn’t have any other damage – many of our neighbors had major roof damage), and we also didn’t have power for 2 weeks! Luckily my parents’ house regained power pretty fast, so we stayed over there and enjoyed the food, internet, and air conditioning until FPL restored our power! Hopefully it doesn’t get much worse than this for the rest of this year’s Hurricane Season, and we can avoid any major storms!

2 thoughts on “Hunkering down for Tropical Storm Isaac!

  1. Hey, Karen –

    Commented the other day about LeapFrog product review and just saw your response and then the post on Issac.

    Had to comment on Issac post too. I’m in Louisiana, Livingston Parish, directly in the path. We, as I know you guys in Florida are, so burnt out with hurricanes – and this one coming almost (if not on) the anniversary of Katrina. Tired, tired, tired.


    1. Oh no! I read last night that Isaac was stalled off the coast of LA. I feel for all of you especially right on the anniversary of Katrina. I hope that you are making it through okay and are not getting the full brunt of the storm!

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