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Sunday Bike Ride with Daddy

Sundays are our family days! My husband recently purchased this bike trailer to take Zachary on bike rides, and they just left for their first ride together. Zachary was very excited to wear his helmet and ride with his daddy! I took some photos with Instagram to commemorate their first ride, and thought I would go ahead and blog them 🙂

Here is Zachary, excited to be in the bike trailer for the first time!

Excited & #happy to go on a #bikeride with daddy!

Zachary discovered the water bottle holder. Yay for ice water! It is definitely a hot South Florida day, but they are well prepared with sunscreen and lots of water.

There's a nice pocket for Z's water bottle to take on the #bikeride!

Here is the set-up from the back. The trailer has an orange safety flag and Adrian’s bike has a special mirror designed so he can keep an eye on Z. In the back of the trailer is a towel, some extra sunscreen, extra water, and snacks. They are well-stocked with everything they could possibly need!

This is the #bikeride set up. So #fun!

Off they go! I just can’t wait to hear about the bike ride and how much fun Zachary had!

Off they go! #bikeride #fun

When they get back, we plan to cool off in the pool. My 37-week-pregnant self is REALLY looking forward to THAT!

Update: Here are two pics that Adrian took with his phone and emailed to me to post! They rode about two miles over to Sunset Point Park in Tamarac and stopped for lunch, water, and some play time! Zachary really enjoyed playing with his daddy at the park. Playgrounds are pretty much his favorite thing!

Enjoying a snack at the #park! Pic by my husband.

Playing at the #park!

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