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My Baby Shower for Baby #2

Almost two weeks ago, my mom and dad made a very special baby shower for me for my second baby! It was attended by a very small group of my close friends and family members, and I feel so lucky to have been able to celebrate this baby in a special way, just like we did before Zachary was born.

The cake was baked and designed by the always-fabulous Susie’s Scrumptious Sweets, as were the cake pops. The AMAZING food was catered by Door 2 Door Catering (though I don’t have any pictures of the food – it was all gobbled up anyway since it was so delicious!)

Like I did with my shower before Zachary, I created a guest sign-in book which all of my guests filled out with their good wishes and thoughts for me and the baby. I made this book and Zachary’s book the same size with similar covers so they would sit nicely together on a shelf. When the boys are older and getting ready to have their own children, I’m hoping that they will enjoy reading the thoughts everyone had before they were born. I would love to give the books to each of my boys as something they can pass down to their kids one day. Maybe it’ll even inspire them to continue the tradition with their own families.

We didn’t have any games, since it was a very casual get together, but my mom made up cards for my friends to write something funny or thoughtful about what they imagine life will be like with two boys. The word “exhausting” was written down a couple times – I hope it’s not as exhausting as everyone imagines (though I’m sure it will be, haha!).

baby shower

We made sure to take a couple of group shots. Below are portraits with my parents, our family friends Barbara & Michael (who are like an aunt & uncle to me), my best friend, Amy, my good friend Jessica (who is my second shooter at weddings), and a group shot with my mom, grandma, and two cousins Rachel & Rebecca, who were my helpers while I opened gifts.

baby shower

I am grateful to have received so many thoughtful presents for the baby! I was excited that a lot of the items that I needed from my registry were taken care of for me. I got so many fun things, including a handmade blanket and Angry Birds hat from my friend Amy (who also wrote a beautiful poem which she read), some beautiful baby outfits, a new high-chair and other baby feeding gear, gift certificates, and the awesome book, Goodnight iPad (from my friend Dari)… among MANY other fabulous items.

baby shower

I am so thankful to all of my friends and family members who attended the shower, and especially thanks to my wonderful parents for hosting it at their house, and to my best friend Amy for all of her help. I am so excited to welcome our little guy in the next couple weeks and can’t wait to introduce him to my friends!

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