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June Goals

Long day between a prenatal appointment & work. Wishing I had time to relax but my little boy will be home in just a few min. #sigh.

Oh look. It’s the fan on my bedroom ceiling. I wish I was staring up at it right now, but I’m not. Because I’m 2 weeks away from my scheduled c-section date, and I’m trying my hardest to get all of my work done before then. Today I finished culling a wedding and edited about 1/4 of another wedding. While I’m loving the photos I’m working with, I just want to be done. Sitting at my desk for hours upon hours editing is NOT easy in the last month of pregnancy.

During the last half of April and most of May, I did absolutely nothing. My iron was very low (still is, but it’s better), and with constant Braxton-Hicks contractions and major pelvic pain, I didn’t have the energy to do much of anything at all – especially sit at the computer and work. I started feeling a little better about a week or so ago, and have been doing a lot more, but any extensive activity takes a LOT out of me. I’m glad I’m at least able to get some work done right now, even though it’s tough.

That said, I do have some plans for this month. My friend Amber’s post today about her June goals inspired me to work on a post of my own. Thanks Amber 🙂

  • Get a hair cut. I have been putting this off for months really. I need at least a trim before the baby comes.
  • Go to bed earlier. I’ve been staying up way too late watching TV. I need my rest!
  • Start/finish album designs for my last two weddings. Deliver galleries and make blog posts.
  • Deliver/ship two client orders.
  • STOP WORKING no matter what by June 13th. Even if I still have some work to do, I really need the time to get myself mentally in-order a few days before the baby arrives.
  • Finish preparing baby items – carseat, swing, washing bottles, formula.
  • Wrap the gifts that Zachary and the baby will be giving to each other.
  • Make and freeze ONE more meal for post-baby dinner. (hopefully??)
  • Oh yeah – have a baby! 😉
  • Enjoy baby-related activities – like newborn photos and the Brit Milah ceremony.
Except for the last things on the list, all of these need to take place before D-Day (delivery day!). After the baby is here, everything is up in the air. I will officially be on maternity leave then (even though I’m sure I’ll need to finish up a few last things related to those two weddings I am still editing), and I can’t wait to enjoy my time with my new baby and with my family…… and NOT think about work.

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