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31 Day Blog Challenge: What’s in my handbag

I always liked nice handbags, so after I had Zachary and switched to using a diaper bag, it took a while for me to pare down all the contents of my bag so that my stuff would easily fit in to my tiny section of the diaper bag. After Zachary was around 18 months or two years old, I quit carrying around a diaper bag and just used a bigger handbag that could fit some extra diapers and wipes. And of course, now that Zachary is 3.5 and we haven’t really used diapers for the past year, I’ve been using a regular bag, but I stopped feeling the need to carry my life in my bag. So there’s really not too much stuff.  I usually alternate between my Fossil bag, Vera Bradley, and Coach bags, but I tend to choose purses that have a long cross-body strap since I’m usually running after Zachary and don’t want to worry about the bag hanging off my arm.

At any rate, here are the contents of my handbag:

what's in my handbag

What you see is: Walgreens brand hand sanitizer, Bath & Body Works Sinful Vanilla lotion, my Kate Spade green wallet, TUMS Smoothies (necessary for any pregnant lady!), Welch’s fruit snacks, an organic lollipop, a granola bar (those 3 items are all for Zachary in case I need to feed him a snack while we’re out), my ginormous keychain, Zachary’s sunglasses, some Wet Ones antibacterial wipes (I go through a lot of these), 2 lipsticks, a backup charge for my iPhone, a random CF card for my pro camera, a Kleenex tissue pack, Zachary’s iPhone (yes, my 3.5 year old has his own phone because I upgraded to the 4s and gave him my old 4 as an iPod touch), a few of my battered business cards (that reminds me, I need to put more in my bag), and an IKEA family card and receipt from an IKEA visit a few days ago.

I also usually have my own iPhone in my bag, along with a Take N Toss sippy cup full of water for Zachary, and sometimes a water bottle for myself. Occasionally I have my point & shoot camera, the Canon G11, and typically my own sunglasses are in my bag, too, but I left them on my dresser yesterday after I got Zachary at school.

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