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31 Day Blog Challenge: My Proudest Moment

Today’s 31 Day Blog Challenge prompt is to write about my proudest moment. Obviously, having a kid (soon to be two kids) and having a successful and happy relationship and marriage with my husband (10 years together and 8 years married this year) ranks up pretty high on my list of things I’m proud of.

However, I’d have to say that what I’m most proud of right now is being a business owner for the past 7 years. It’s not really a “moment” but it’s something I’m very proud of! I started my photography business back in 2005. My husband taught me how to use my camera, initially, and as my talent for photography grew, I soon took over our business and renamed it using my own name. I am proud of the things I’ve accomplished, the shoots I’ve done, and the contacts I’ve made in the industry.

Before starting my photography business, I’d tried out a number of other careers (phone sales, outside sales, and teaching) and they just didn’t seem right for me. I worried that I would be unhappy for many years because I never liked my jobs. Not only do I absolutely love my job, but it’s something I’m really good at. I know I will be happy as a photographer for years to come!

Here’s a favorite image from one of my weddings last year:

Cheeca Lodge Wedding Photographer | Islamorada Wedding Photography

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