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31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Foods

Today’s prompt is easy… what are my favorite foods?

  1. Cheese – one of the best snacks ever… and you can even eat it on its own as a meal 🙂 I like crazy cheeses, like the ones infused with truffle oil… amazing!
  2. Pizza – really any kind of pizza. I am a big pizza fan.
  3. Milano cookies – I’ve loved these since I was a little girl. My grandpa always used to give them to me when I was small.
  4. Pumpkin – I absolutely love pumpkin in anything, and get excited every fall when the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte comes out! only a few more months to go! 😉
  5. Pasta (especially really filling pasta like gnocchi or ravioli…and with alfredo sauce, mmm)
  6. Bagels & cream cheese! This is a staple at our home.
  7. Green bean casserole – my mom makes this at Thanksgiving and other holidays. I could eat it every day, seriously.
  8. Sushi – especially anything with eel
  9. Mexican food – I love enchiladas and fish tacos the most. And anything with tortilla chips, guacamole, etc. It can be any variety of Mexican…. fresh-mex, tex-mex…. any kind of Mexican-ish food, and I’m there 🙂
  10. Frozen grapes – I’ve been eating frozen grapes for years and I love them, especially when I’m trying to diet or eat healthier. Eating them frozen reminds me of ice cream, and they’re SO good!
  11. Key lime – I know I’m breaking the rules by adding a #11, but I really love Key Lime anything! Pie, cake, cookies… it doesn’t matter… I’m there.

I also really love almost any “ethnic foods” – while Mexican and sushi are probably my favorites, I also enjoy Italian dishes, Indian foods, Thai, Korean, and lots more. I love flavor and love trying nearly anything.

My dad, who is an amazing cook, made a point to introduce me to great food from an early age, so I got started on foods like kim-chee (spicy Korean cabbage) when I was really little! I’ve never been afraid to try something new, and I definitely have my father to thank for that!

I also love unique flavors incorporated into foods. My favorites are lavender, honeysuckle, jasmine… anything with that flowery flavor. There’s not a lot of food out there that uses those flavors, it’s definitely more of a gourmet thing that you’ll find in specialty stores or online. But you better believe if I see any kind of lavender candy or cookie, I buy it. 😉

What are your favorite foods?

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