31 Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job

Today’s blog challenge prompt made me smile because I am lucky enough to already be living my dream job!

I’ve done lots of other things – including being a sales person and a middle school teacher – and owning my own business and being a photographer is by far the best job I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. This year, I will celebrate 7 years in business!

I love that my job revolves around art. I love that the images I create have the power to inspire others. I love that my clients enjoy looking at their photos over and over again. I love the feeling that comes with seeing my work in print. I love knowing that I am good at what I do and the rewarding feelings that come with beautifully capturing a wedding, newborn photo session, or any other milestone in my clients’ lives. I love the people I have met through the photography industry – I’ve made some amazing friends and am thankful to have them. I love that I have the talent and skill to capture amazing pictures of my family that I will treasure my entire life.

I am really, really lucky to be a photographer!

This post cannot possibly be complete without a photograph, so here is an image of me shooting a wedding just a little over a month ago, courtesy of my friend and 2nd shooter, Jessica:

pregnant wedding photographer

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