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31 Day Blog Challenge: 5 Senses

My five senses right now:


Zachary is playing Angry Birds on the iPad and keeps asking me to help him with various levels that are a little too tough for him. They are sometimes a little too tough for me, too. 😉 I also am editing some of the photos that I took last night. Zachary was playing with his Legos and I had to capture the moment!


Since Zachary just put the iPad down to do something else, it’s now quiet again – for the moment. I’m listening to the soft hum of my computer and the distant sounds of birds singing outside.


I’m drinking some yummy coffee. Every fall/winter I buy extra of whatever my favorite pumpkin coffee is, so that I can save it for summertime. This time it was the pumpkin coffee from Fresh Market. It’s sooooo good, and I’m so happy I saved some of it again to enjoy right now. It is my special treat!


Definitely smelling the aforementioned coffee. It’s soooo yummy smelling!


Touching the keyboard. LOL. But, I did just give Zachary a hug and stroked his soft hair and skin.

Here’s one of the photos I took last night, to make this post extra-cute! 😉

playing with legos

3 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: 5 Senses

  1. I’m about to move to Florida from the UK in two weeks time (I am American, but have lived in England for 11 years) and I am MOST looking forward to pumpkin flavoured stuff again! I love pumpkin coffee. 🙂

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