Photography, South Florida

Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs in my neighborhood!

Last week, Zachary and I were on our way home from his preschool when I saw a strange sight while driving by Tamarac’s Veterans Memorial Park… there were two Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs – on leashes – hanging out on the swale munching on some grass. Zachary and I couldn’t believe our eyes and decided to drive around for a better look. We said hello to the owner and asked if we could say hi to the pigs and take their picture. I was sad not to have my “real” camera with me, but thank goodness for the iPhone camera! It did the job! I snapped this image of the pigs – named Lola and Katie – as they enjoyed their afternoon in Tamarac.

What a random sight! Zachary and I just saw two Vietnamese potbellied pigs hanging out at Veterans Park in Tamarac!

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