Good times with good friends!

It’s always a treat to see friends who are in town visiting, and whenever I hear that a friend is coming to South Florida, I try to make plans. It’s even more of a treat when it’s a friend from “over the pond” who is coming to town!

My friend Nikki is a photographer in Scotland, and the last time we’d gotten to see each other was back in 2008 when we both happened to be at a photography convention at the same time! I found out that she would be visiting Miami so we decided to make plans. She had her son Jack with her (he’s 8) and Zachary was off ¬†school for spring break, so we thought lunch with the kids would be a fun idea. We went to one of my favorite pizza places, California Pizza Kitchen, in Ft. Lauderdale, and the kids enjoyed getting to know each other, playing with Zachary’s iPhone, and eating some yummy pizza. It was great to catch up with Nikki in person, too!

I really enjoyed watching the boys together. Even though they are a few years apart, they became instant friends. I was impressed by how great Jack interacted with a little boy half his age, and Zachary just loved hanging out with a big kid! Their age difference is just a little more than what my boys will be after baby #2 is born, so it gave me a bit of a glimpse a few years into the future, when Zachary has a little brother to play with. So exciting!

Here’s a photo I snapped with my point & shoot camera before we parted ways that day (yes, the boys are wearing long sleeves… the pic was taken over a month ago and we were in the middle of a cold front!). How cute are they??

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