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Barbershop Boy

Zachary had needed a haircut for a while, so when my usual stylist was not available a week or two ago, I decided to take him to the barbershop my dad likes — Vincent’s in Coral Springs. I’ve never been into going to those cartoon/kids haircut places – we’ve always gone to a normal salon.

For Zachary, though, it was a totally different experience from the regular haircut place to see all of the barbers at work, and Zachary loved sitting in the special barber’s chair. He was so good during the cut and was very proud to get his lollipop at the end and liked sitting outside on the bench when we were done. I think I’ll take him to the same place again when he’s due for another haircut.

Post-haircut cuteness

Where do you take your kids for a haircut? A kids place, or a grown up place? What do you like about it?

2 thoughts on “Barbershop Boy

  1. I cut my son’s hair myself! We took him to one of the kids places twice. After the second time, I decided it didn’t look that hard. I bought some clippers, and we haven’t looked back. It took a little while to get it down, but now I think I actually can cut his hair better than the place we were going to. Plus, it’s free!

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