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Angry Birds Space is here!

Zachary is soooo excited to download Angry Birds Space today on our iPad! He is a huge Angry Birds fan and his 3rd birthday party was even an Angry Birds theme.

We’ve been watching the Angry Birds Space videos all week and can’t wait to check out the zero gravity levels and the new birds. Here’s a picture of all of the Space Birds that I snagged from the Angry Birds website.

angry birds in space

Here are some of Zachary’s favorite Angry Birds Space YouTube videos…

First up is Ice Bird, a brand-new bird that turns everything to ice:

Next is Lazer Bird, the fastest bird in the universe!

Finally, Zachary loves watching this NASA announcement about Angry Birds Space, straight from the International Space Station!

I’m hoping they sell some posters with an Angry Birds Space theme. We are in the process of creating a new kids’ room for both of our boys to share when the baby comes. It’d be fun to get some Angry Birds accessories!

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