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Wordless Wednesday: Russian Tea Cakes

I actually have a lot of photos to share at the moment, but I’m swamped with work and wanted to post a WW for today, so you get an Instagram picture! 🙂 Yeah, a bit of a cheat, but I promise to blog new stuff soon, AND it’s a fun Instagram pic, so I am happy to share it!

Today was Multicultural Day at Zachary’s preschool. It is a time for all of the kids to celebrate their culture and heritage with their classmates, so each family brings in a meal that represents their heritage, and family members can come and eat lunch with the kids.

Zachary is a mix of Russian and Lithuanian (my side) and Polish and British (Adrian’s side), so I decided to make Russian Tea Cakes, since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them, no matter what their culture! Plus, they are even known by different names depending on which culture you come from. The Russian Tea Cakes recipe that I made came from here, and I did not use nuts since Zachary’s school is nut-free. The recipe was easy to follow and make, and I look forward to trying it again some time again with the nuts.

I highly recommend this recipe and thought it was perfect. My husband and I tried some after he came home from work last night, and he told me that they were perfect! These little cookies really melt in your mouth and go fabulously with coffee or tea. From what I could tell they were a hit at the event since they were nearly gone by the time I got there!

Zachary & I made Russian Tea Cookies for multicultural day at preschool :)

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