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Wordless Wednesday: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & Fireworks

Boy have we been busy! Zachary’s birthday was two weeks ago, so we celebrated with a trip to Disney World!

We got tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (we’re Jewish, but we still enjoy seasonal activities just as much as everyone else!!) and it was absolutely worth it. What a beautiful fireworks display, fun parade, and best of all was the ability to ride on the rides without any long lines! Zachary’s first ever Disney Ride was It’s A Small World, followed by Peter Pan, and then Buzz Lightyear. He had an amazing trip to Disney and is already asking if we can go back again soon.

Here’s one of my favorite images that I snapped with my new iPhone 4s — Cinderella’s Castle lit up by the beautiful fireworks at the Christmas Party!

Mickey's Very Merry Fireworks

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & Fireworks

    1. Thanks Amber!! I’m pretty pleased with my iPhone shots from this trip. First time using my new 4s on vacation. Can’t wait to try it out some more on my next trip!

  1. Karen~this only proves you are a great photographer! Most couldn’t capture such breathtaking image with an expensive camera & yet you snapped this one with your phone and it’s amazing!!!!

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