It’s a beautiful day in South Florida

The weather we’ve been having down here is SERIOUSLY AWESOME. Zachary has been on winter break from school for the past couple of weeks, and I feel so lucky that we’ve been able to go out every day and enjoy the weather – either playing outside in the backyard (he’s loving the playhouse he got for his birthday) or just running fun errands together.

At 3 years old, he’s really become my little buddy. We have great conversations together, go shopping, share a snack, go out for lunch, play trains, and pretty much do anything. He is totally portable right now, and so much fun to hang out with. In a way, I’m really glad that we waited until Zachary was 3 to get pregnant again. He is such a big boy now, and I can focus on making some wonderful memories for him and with him, and really enjoy our time together as “just us” before our new baby comes along. He is REALLY excited about having a brother or sister (he said yesterday that he wants a brother, but we’ll find out for sure in a couple weeks!) and I know he is going to be an amazing big brother.

After running some errands yesterday, he looked up and said, “oh, look, Mommy! the moon!” and sure enough there was a tiny sliver of moon in the late afternoon sky. At his request, I took a snap with my iPhone using Instagram – you can barely see the teeny tiny moon, but you can tell by the beautiful color of the sky what a wonderful day it was! Here’s the result! 🙂

The teeny tiny white dot is the moon.

I hope you’re all enjoying the winter vacation as well and are excited about 2012! I can’t wait to finish writing my New Year’s resolutions and share more of my photography with you all next year!

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