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2011 in Review – a look back at my resolutions

Last year I made 11 resolutions and I thought I’d take a look back and see how I did.

I think I did better than usual, but I will be repeating a couple for 2012 for sure.

Here is the rundown:

1. Sleep more. Quit staying up until 3am working. Nothing is THAT important and it can all wait until tomorrow.
Definitely succeeded here. I never stay up late working anymore. I’m thankful I made this decision – I have felt much healthier since I started getting more sleep. Granted, I still stay up late sometimes watching a movie with my hubby or reading a good book, but I think I can count the number of times I was up at 3am this year on one hand! Yay for sleep!

2. Start reading again. Go to the library. See if I can hit 25 books โ€“ if I make it, read 50!
53 books this year! ‘Nuff said. I think I will aim for 50 again next year, and raise it to 75 if I hit 50. So thankful my mom gave me a Nook as an early Hanukkah gift. I owe it all to the ease of using my Nook!

3. Finish designing our family photo albums and get them printed. There is no excuse for not having an album from our honeymoon seven years ago. Get caught up before things get busy!
okay.. I did not do so well with this. I started working on Zachary’s first year book, but didn’t get any further than that. I did manage to print up another custom calendar for 2012 with personal photos, and I made a book of my iPhone snaps from our summer vacation, which was good. Since I’m taking some down time this year with being pregnant, I am really hoping I can get more books done.

4. Lose weight before I decide to get pregnant again!
Well, I didn’t really lose any weight, however, I’m 14 weeks pregnant today and haven’t GAINED any weight! I don’t want to gain more than 20lb this time around, so I am happy to be staying on track.

5. Get things organized better around the house and in the garage. Stay on top of organizing/cleaning on a regular basis.
While my house is still not completely organized, it’s better than last year for sure, and I’ve donated and thrown out a lot of things that we don’t use. As I prepare the home for baby #2, I can only improve upon this in 2012.

6. Fill up the walls with artwork โ€“ either my own prints or original artwork found on Etsy.
Done! I have a few more pieces I want to get, but overall I’m pleased with the number of family photos I’ve printed for our home this year.

7. Shoot more. I believe that I have a gift with the camera, and not using it for myself is a disservice both to me and my family.
I don’t think I did a wonderful job at shooting for myself with my DSLR, but I did use my iPhone camera a LOT and captured tons of great memories with that.

8. Be a better blogger. That includes redesigning this blog, too.
Totally failed here. I had a busy year and didn’t blog as much as I wanted to. Plus I didn’t redesign the blog. That’s happening in 2012 though.

9. Work during working hours. Use the time after the baby is in bed to work on things that donโ€™t include sitting motionless staring at a computer screen. After all, why be your own boss if you canโ€™t enjoy it?
Done. However, Zachary tends to go to bed pretty late, so instead of working on personal things, I typically ended up reading or going to bed myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Take more time out of each week to spend on marketing for the business, such as working on my photography blog or meeting with other vendors.
I did this too. Not as much as I could have, but I worked on a lot of networking for my business and have lots of plans to continue next year.

11. Make more memories, have more adventures, and enjoy life as much as I possibly can!
Done, done, and done!

So, how did you do with your resolutions in 2011 and what are you looking forward to next year? I’ll be posting my full set of resolutions in the next couple days. I’m excited to get started with some new goals!

2 thoughts on “2011 in Review – a look back at my resolutions

  1. Good job!!! I think I did pretty well on my resolutions, too, except for the whole “become a superstar professional photographer who doesn’t need silly things like a day job” — but thankfully I still have time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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