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Wordless Wednesday: Halloween 2011!

We had a great Halloween week! Two days before Halloween, Adrian and Zachary carved the pumpkin (the first one we’ve ever carved!), and we made delicious toasted pumpkin seeds after clearing out all of the “pumpkin brains.” 🙂

Zachary was very excited about carving the pumpkin and drawing the jack o’ lantern’s face with Daddy!

carving a pumpkin

Touching the “pumpkin brains” was a new experience. At first, Zachary thought it was yucky, but then he got into it! Another “first” was trying candy corn. We had a bowl out as a treat while we carved the pumpkin, and Zachary loved trying it! I remember how much I loved candy corn as a kid, but it’s definitely much too sweet for me now that I’m older!

carving a pumpkin

Then it was time to carve the pumpkin. Adrian handled the carving while Zachary ate candy corn and I separated the seeds from the guts!

carving a pumpkin

Zachary had a fun evening carving his first pumpkin with Daddy, and afterwards we all enjoyed the glowing candlelight emerging from the carved face.

carving a pumpkin

Zachary loves Halloween! between our jack o’ lantern and our colorful Halloween lights, it was a very festive mood at our home!

halloween lights

Finally, Halloween arrived! Zachary was so excited to wear his Spider-Man costume and go trick-or-treating, that I was only able to snag a few photos since he was jumping up and down and would not stay still due to the anticipation! He was definitely the cutest Spider-Man ever!

spider-man toddler halloween costume

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  1. i never think it is possible for z to get even cuter, but omg he is so adorable! wonderful photos with lots of love apparent. 🙂

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