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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Maya on the mend

I’ve been a bad blogger the past couple weeks. 🙁 I even missed WW last week, and I always do those! However, I have been pretty busy. If we’re personal facebook friends, you’ll know that our dog Maya hurt her back last week, and she has been taking up a lot of my time as I aided in her recovery.

Back injuries are very common with dachshunds as they have fragile, long spines, and they are prone to this kind of thing. We’ve been pretty lucky with her so far (only a few minor issues), though my parents’ dogs Penny and Sparky have had some severe back problems that they have bounced back from with lots of love & care. A week ago, Maya hurt her back in the middle of the night. She wasn’t doing anything strenuous. She simply stepped down wrong while walking around Zachary’s room at night, (have you ever done that? it can be painful!) and something in her back gave out.

At first, she couldn’t even move her back legs. We were so worried! This made certain things (like taking her to the bathroom) truly difficult and messy, especially since the medication that the vet gave her had upset her stomach! Fortunately, we love her very much and sucked it up for a few days. After lots of rest (she is confined in an enclosure), medicine, and love, she is feeling MUCH better and is now walking – though VERY wobbly. She’s still confined to her enclosure, as she needs a lot more rest so that she can make a 100% recovery, but we can see the light and the worst part of this experience is now over.

Maya is pictured below on the day she got hurt. She looks a bit pitiful, doesn’t she? I’m so glad and most of all RELIEVED that she is feeling better now!

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Canon 5D | 35L lens | 1/45 sec @ f/1.4 | ISO 500

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