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Spike TV’s Auction Hunters starts this week in Miami!

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Are you a fan of auction shows? I personally love them! It’s so neat finding out what people have been hanging on to and what it may be worth. I’m such a packrat too, so I’m hoping that it pays off someday and I’ll be able to auction off that unopened box of wedding china for a small fortune…. 🙂

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to checking out Spike TV’s hit series, Auction Hunters, which premiers on Tuesday, April 5 at 10PM/9c. The second season follows treasure-hunters, Allen Haff and Clinton Ton Jones, as they explore the world of abandoned storage units across the country in their quest to win auctions, dig for abandoned historical treasure and sell them for a profit. Even better, they’re starting out the first episode of this season right here in Miami, where they’re sure to find lots of interesting goodies!

Can’t wait to see the show & find out what interesting artefacts and oddities they uncover!

Auction Hunters Returns!
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1 thought on “Spike TV’s Auction Hunters starts this week in Miami!

  1. I really like this show! They find some pretty cool stuff amongst the junk…like a Fender Strat, antique gun, slot machine, etc. Plus, both of the “treasure hunters” have very dynamic personalities and are fun to watch!

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