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Friday inspiration

Dr. Seuss always has the BEST quotes! I found this one a couple weeks ago on Pinterest and it made me smile. My son absolutely loves to read, either looking at books on his own or having me or my husband read a book to him, and not only is it rewarding to make him laugh and smile at the story, but it’s fun for us too. Reading is a great bedtime routine. My son absolutely loves books like Little Blue Truck and Five Little Ladybugs. The fun rhymes and rhythms are captivating!

dr suess quote

what are your children’s favorite books?

1 thought on “Friday inspiration

  1. Jude totally loves “Oh, Daddy” by Bob Shea (dinosaur vs bedtime) lately. It’s cute and he makes me read it 3 times in a row. It’s about a little boy who has to show his daddy how to do things.

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