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Friday Inspiration

I’m in amazement that my baby is nearly 2 and a half. He talks, eats interesting foods, and is starting potty training….. How in the world did time pass so quickly?

My husband and I have always said we wanted to start trying for our second child when Zachary gets to a certain age. Well, unbelievably that age is getting closer and closer every day. I am looking forward to #2, but it’s a little scary that the time limit that we set for ourselves is soon approaching. The little tiny baby that I once held snuggled is now a big boy – doing big boy things like running, jumping, playing with toy trucks, and showing me buggies crawling in the garden in the backyard! Crazy.

It always makes me think of this poem, which isĀ availableĀ as a free download over at Lay Baby Lay.

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