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A view from Paradise… aka Islamorada

My wedding season started last week, and it was fun getting back into the groove with my friend Jessica, who second shoots most of my weddings with me.

Our wedding shoot together got me really excited for the next wedding I have booked for next month, which happens to be a destination wedding! I’m so excited to take Jess along on her first destination wedding with me. The wedding is in South Florida’s corner of Paradise, aka Islamorada.

The wedding is at another amazing venue called The Cheeca Lodge, which is a big resort in the Florida Keys and has the most incredible view of the ocean~ just check out the frame below, which I shot at my last wedding in The Keys (the bride got ready at Cheeca, so I got to preview how gorgeous it is already)!

cheeca lodge in islamorada, fl

Of course, Jess and I are not staying at Cheeca – it’s pretty pricy (and luxurious, of course), plus they require at least a three night stay, which we’re not staying for. I found a cute little hotel just a few minutes away, and we are already planning out some time to chill out and relax the day before the wedding (and hopefully find some awesome restaurants too!). It’ll be almost like taking a “stay-cation” since Islamorada is just about two hours from where I live.

I can’t wait!!

6 thoughts on “A view from Paradise… aka Islamorada

    1. Eleana, I would LOVE some tips on good eats! So far we’re planning to possibly get dinner at Pierre’s and breakfast (maybe just brunch depending on if we wake up late) the next day at Bob’s Bunz (I love that place) and we’ll have dinner at Cheeca Lodge with the wedding – but we’ll need something for breakfast the day we leave, too. So, another good breakfast place would be great! Or maybe another snacky lunchy place if we end up wanting something else. LOL. Food is good.

  1. Good breakfast places: the hungry tarpon, morada bay, the green turtle, made to order. Lunch: right across the street from bob’s bunz is a good BBQ place or islamorada fish co.

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