Worry free decorating with artificial plants & flowers

So as much as I love growing herbs and veggies in my garden outside, when it comes to plants and flowers indoors, I am definitely NOT a green thumb! I’ve never been very successful at keeping plants inside my house alive, unless you count the “lucky bamboo” that the grocery store sells. But that stuff is near-impossible to kill.

My life is pretty busy so the last thing I’m really worrying about is the plants inside my house. The best kinds for me are the ones that you don’t water frequently — or at all!

One day my mom brought over an artificial plant to sit on top of my entertainment center, and wow – it made such a huge difference! I just love it because it is green all year long, and other than doing regular dusting of the area, I don’t have to worry about it or even water it.

Since our home is a bit dark and could use some color, I am also looking into adding some artificial flowers to brighten things up. It would be great to bring in some flowers that don’t grow very well here in Florida, like hydrangeas, or an artificial flower of something I’m not good at growing, like orchids, which I’ve managed to kill every time I attempt to grow them.

Aren’t these orchid bouquets pretty? High-quality artificial plants and flowers are well worth it when they look indistinguishable from the real thing. Make sure you check out 1001 Artificial Flowers or 1001 Artificial Plants when you’re shopping for great looking “greenery” for your home!

artificial plants and flowers artificial plants and flowers

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