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pic of the week: snow days

Yes, we still live in South Florida, and no, the world isn’t suddenly and crazily producing massive amounts of snow in the tropics. These are photos from our vacation this past December to visit Zachary’s grandparents who live in Tennessee. I never got around to posting the snapshots I took on my point & shoot camera, and since it’s been unbelievably hot the past couple days here in South Florida, I figured we could use a frosty pic of the week to cool things down.

The first picture I seriously treasure and want to have a print made up for myself. I am so rarely in front of the lens and have so few of what I would call GREAT pictures of me and Zachary. This, however is a great picture. I am so thankful for Adrian for capturing it. I love how happy and excited I look to be sharing in Zachary’s excitement of experiencing snow for the first time. It was also my first time truly experiencing a snowfall (yes, I really am a Florida girl) so it was something we got to do together. He may never remember that day since he was just barely two, but we will always have a wonderful picture to commemorate it. Plus we are wearing our matching snow jackets that I got for us when Adrian and I visited Alaska last summer. So cute huh?!

snow day in tennessee, winter time

I love this next picture because Zachary always watches this episode of Caillou on TV where Caillou is supposed to go tobogganing at school but he cannot find his toboggan. His creative teacher gets a cardboard box for him to sled down the snow drift in and all the kids think it’s so awesome. We found a cardboard box for Zachary to “sled” in the snow with and as you can see…. he loved it!

snow day in tennessee, winter time

Hope those of you in Florida got cooled down from these images, and as for the rest of you, here’s to spring coming soon! 🙂

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  1. How fun! My husband did the same thing with a cardboard box – though it was for inside to pull our daughter around – we have our most recent snowfall melted. He tied a long wire to it so he could really pull her fast. She has a blast with it 🙂 Who needs a sled! 😉

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